There is nothing worse than going out to start a clip job only to have your clippers not cut.  If you clip dogs, horses, cattle, sheep or anything with hair like we do, you know what I mean.
For over 20 years now I've tried to keep my blades sharp & in ready to use condition.  I've found that trying to send my blades away to have them done takes forever to get them back.  
Some of us will purchase several sets of the same blades just to have a sharp set on hand.  The problem with that theory, 
you've forgotten to have your last set of blades sharpened.  You could end up with several sets that just won't cut butter let alone hair.  

Accurate Clipper Sharpening

     We Encourage You To

      Work Sharper Not Harder
      I've purchased one of those do it yourself blade sharpening stones 
& have spent hours trying to sharpen blades using the same motion
 as the
 Karate Kid, Wax on Wax off  Over and Over again.  
Guess what?  The blades still didn't cut butter.  
        If this sounds like something you've tried or thought of trying, you might 
want to reconsider that thought.  
If you need the exercise in the upper arm & shoulder, I say go for it.  
If not & your time is as important to you as my time is to me, 
have your  clippers sharpened by someone that will get them done 
fast & accurately. 

I know how important having your blades ready to go to work when you do.  I'll get your 
blades done in a timely manner & have them returned to you within days not weeks. 

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